BMD3 Published

Book 3 of my fantasy series, the Blind Man’s Dragon, has been published.

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Bigfoot works!

So I got bigfoot working, the only outstanding milestone really is to write a post about it.  After 15 long months of work, design,  redesign, printing, failure, and assembly, the 3d printer I designed myself works.  It prints, it prints, and it prints some more.  That is really all one can ask of a 3d printer.   It still needs some tweaks of course, more calibration, but everything always does.

I’m currently using it to print parts for a new desk, which will raise and lower, and fit my lazyboy chair underneath.  A webcam on the desk near it allows me to watch the print happening live, and the raspberry pi connected to the printer allows me to control the print from my apartment upstairs.

I’ve posted the design to youmagine, and removed it from thingiverse.  I’ll not have my ideas being patented by those litigious motherfuckers.

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Which Game of Thrones character would you be?

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Beretta Neos with Vortex Strikefire


Just got a Vortex Strikefire for my Beretta Neos, plan on using it to shoot some bullseye, I’ll report back once I’ve been to the range.

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Printer Tower design


This is the design of the tower which I am building to house my printers. Misumi offered $150 credit to first time customers, and I took advantage of this offer to acquire a buttload of 20x20mm extrusion. Alas freight shipping on 4meter lengths was annoying, so it wasn’t as good of a deal as 1meter would have been.

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Mossberg 590A1 with 28″ 835 barrel

Just got the latest part for my Mossberg 590A1 – a 28″ Mossberg 835 accu-choke barrel.  Fits perfectly, and should make for a decent trap gun once I get the choke in for it.  I plan on pulling the back ghost ring when I’m using it in this configuration.  It’s not something Mossberg advertises, but the 835 barrels fit the 6 round tube 590 series (If you’ve got the 9 round tube you’re SOL).


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About time for some timelapses.

My printer has a camera connected to it and my slicing software generates Gcode to take a picture at every layer change in a print.  Yesterday I noticed that the camera was not taking pictures.  When I looked at the display, I realized why.  It had run out of storage space.  It only has an 8GB card, but I’d never come close to filling it before.  I guess my machine is a better photographer than I am.

Today I sat down with iMovie and turned all those pictures into timelapse videos and posted them to youtube.

For your enjoyment:


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Made more progress on the scale. 8 ball is complete. Need to finish the flames and even out the edges. Not quite halfway done.

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Scale progress

Got this much of the scale done at the event while i wasnt playing.

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First person mini

This is the first person mini I have painted. People are a lot harder than objects. I tried a darker recess on the pants to mimic shading and I think it came out well. The shape of the head at the hairline (fuse point on the plastic) is a little skewed so it looks a little off, but I think I did a decent job on the face, at least for the first try. This mini took close to 4 hrs to complete due to far more detail, double the time of the others.




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